Though mind trick/warfare techniques are to remain secret so only leaders may know, and use them, it is essential for you to learn how to NOT fall into an enemies mind traps.Here are possible mind plays that can stump anyone no matter what:

Enemy: You should just surrender now, we've already got spies in your clan.

Enemy: Your "friends" are ours, so just surrender.

NEVER fall for these types, though it might be true, it has been the downfall of many clans, even if they know these tricks, the fear that its true kills them along with their clans.There are much more techniques but those are to remain secret, the main rule to follow when mentally attacked by an enemy, remain calm, alert your superiors, put them on ignore, and move to a safer place (around clan-mates, friends, in another server, anywhere as long as the enemy can't get to you easily).REMEMBER: When you see an enemy that has been reported in the clan as an Info Gatherer, don't try for any information from that person, instead GET AWAY.

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