When Approached by an Enemy Agent: Make sure that you do not IMMEDIATELY engage hostile activities. Instead, contact your nearest superior and/or one of your fellow clan members. Attempt to get the Enemy Agent to leave AFTER attempting to drink him dry for information. If possible, attempt to befriend him. Then, use him as a useful little unsuspecting spy to gain more information for your clan.

When Attack by an Enemy Agent:

Verbally: Do not engage in verbal warfare with the enemy agent. Walk away, report them and then inform a superior of what happened.

Mind Warfare: Check here for information on how to deal with mind warfare.[1]

When approached by a suspected spy: Do not talk with them, instead contact your nearest superior. If they ask you questions, give them answers yet tell them nothing. If they do manage to get something out of you, report it to your superior, and make sure that you GET AWAY FROM THAT PERSON so no more "leaking" information will happen.REMEMBER: When alerting your superior of what happened, tell them what information you accidentally gave out, who you gave it to (exact name), and any details you remember.

When stalked by enemy agent(s): Report them and then inform your superior of what happened. Do not attempt to fight with them, as this will only cause trouble.

 Attacked by N00B Warriors: N00B warriiors are an effective enemy unit used to fill up rooms and spam. When confronted by one or more of these report them, ignore them and inform the nearest superior. Talking to them does nothing.

When Hacked: Report on the clan forums what happened and we will attempt to retrieve your account. After it is retrieved, make sure to change your password, and check what email address is there so it does not happen again. REMEMBER: Never give out your password to anyone, even if they are in your clan.

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