Lord Strong Edit

Lord Strong: King Alteon, it is a pleasure to see you again, please do have a seat.

King Alteon: Lord Strong, I thought this was a meeting of our Leaders of Light order, what happened to the others?

Lord Strong: A knight came in a while ago, with bad news.The other members of our order, were taken prisoner.

King Alteon: Someone must be aiming to get the whole order, it cannot be a coincidence.We must be next.

Lord Strong: King Alteon, my kingdom is fairly safe, so I would remain-Look Out!

Lord Strong quickly pushes King Alteon off his chair, and takes cover.Blades hit both chairs, then they watch a war down below, their knights vs. undead.They hear an explosion then the ground crumbles beneath them.King Alteon uses magic to levitate himself out the window then escape through the battle, while Lord Strong tries to catch his blade, Golden-Light, but before he can grab it a Doom Knight blocks his way.He watches it carefully, not making a move.Then the Doom Knight springs at him and gives him a huge blow, sending him flying out the window.When he lands, the knights gaze in horror, he was unconscious.Then the undead wiped the knights out, before the knights could even lift their swords back up in battle position.

Lord Strong was being taken, with metal bars tying him up in a chair, forcing him trapped.When he finally awoke, he saw a dark figure.Not Sepulchure, not Gravelyn, it was a Shadow Mage.But this Shadow Mage had a strange look, almost like-he raised his staff...then blasted Lord Strong with dark magic.Lord Strong was turning evil, and when he was finally freed from his iron bars, he took an undeads blade and stabbed the Shadow Mage right in the chest, and all of his minions along with him.He turned to go, then he spotted the rest of the order of Leaders of Light.He turned, freed them, but surprises them when he used his new dark magic to slaughter them all in only one blow.

Lord Strong arrived at King Alteons castle, but instead of greeting the knights he killed them, he went to the throne room, and when King Alteon saw his face, he knew it wasn't going to be a pleasant hello.Lord Strong turned a knight into an ultimate weapon of darkness, and then swiftly ran at King Alteon.He raised his blade, then cut right through King Alteons two other guards, he then threw a missile of darkness at Alteon, Alteon blocked with his blade, then ran up to Strong with a lower sweep, Strong defended with so much strength Alteons blade broke, then Strong raised his blade to cut off Alteons head, but showed him mercy.

Lord Strong: You aren't worth it....

Lord Strong walked out.

Later Lord Strong ruled an Empire, second best only behind the ShadowScythe Empire.Sepulchure became impressed with Lord Strongs progress, and sent Lord Strong, the Staff of Eternal Darkness.Lord Strong knew it was weak, so he used magic to make it far more powerful than any weapon ever created, his staff had enough power to kill Drakath, Gravelyn, Sepulchure, and King Alteon at the same time, but after Sepulchure died, the soul inside Sepulchure's own weapon, the Necrotic Blade of Doom, came to Lord Strongs favored weapon, and it gave Lord Strong a heart of pure evil.

Lord Strong couldn't control his actions in any way, and ended up killing one of his own.The only way to stop the evil maniac was to defeat him in battle, which with the power from the Staff of Eternal Darkness was impossible.He had slain one quarter of King Alteons army alone, but luckily there were still two with ultimate power left, and they heard about Lord Strong, and used both the powers of Chaos, and Light, to stop him from wiping out all of Lore, they were able to succeed, but in the end he was killed.Years passed and they would mourn for him, but then his powers were needed, because chaos grew too large and Lord Death received a powerful weapon he planned to dominate Lore with.So Lord Black went to the Mysterious Necromancer and asked him to bring back Lord Strong from the dead, it worked, kind of....he ended up becoming half undead, half shade, but the Mysterious Necromancer said that all Lord Black wanted was him to come back to life, so he took two thirds of the Staff of Eternal Darkness' power.He didn't keep it for himself though, instead he placed them in two weapons and hid them around Lore.Lord Strong had been searching for it, for he he had all the staffs given powers, he could rule all of Lore.

Lord Strong had become undead and shade...until he had been able to find the legendary Book of Forbidden Shade Magic.It had showed him how to become a full shade.But there was still a consequence...his soul had attached to the shade soul, so when the Grim Reaper came to take his soul, he was taken with it to the Void.Lord Strong had seen many creatures, including Chuckles in the Void, but only one had stood above the rest.This one, had used his great dark magic to rule all in the Void.Twas Sepulchure, the Doom Knight.Lord Strong had to fight a whole army of undead to reach him, and it was not easy...

Lord Strong: Sepulchure, we finally meet in person.

Sepulchure: Ahhh, Lord Strong, I have heard many things about you....

Lord Strong: I have come to learn the ancient ways of necromancy.

Sepulchure: You think that you can wield such power?Impossible, even I cannot wield the power of ancient necromancy.

Lord Strong: Then I guess you're of no use to me, prepare to vanish from the Void, and from Lore.Forever.

Sepulchure: Is this a duel?So be it then...

Sepulchure jumped off his throne, with the Necrotic Blade of Doom, Lord Strong morphed his weapon into its sword form.They froze, waiting for the first to make his move, then Sepulchure leaped at Lord Strong, and landed right in front of him, blade pushing Lord Strongs weapon down.Lord Strong pushed upwards with all his might, and threw Sepulchure's weapon into the air.Lord Strong morphed the weapon back to staff form and used dark magic to create throwing daggers, he threw around 100 of them at Sepulchure, but only one hit.Sepulchure front-flipped and kicked Lord Strongs chest, causing Lord Strong to be thrown to the wall.

Sepulchure: You have proven yourself far more powerful than I expected, a worthy opponent, you are, but surrender to you I will not.

Lord Strong: Who says I'd show you mercy even if you DID surrender?

Lord Strong turned his weapon into the strongest throwing dagger, and threw it at Sepulchure.Bullseye!It hit him right at the chest.Sepulchure fell slowly in front of Lord Strong, breathing heavily.



Lord Strong and Sepulchure run towards each other, Lord Strong uses an old shade trick to morph his hand into a blade.They stand facing each other, Sepulchure looks down, seeing Lord Strongs blade-hand in his chest area.

Sepulchure: Every stab you will make, will not kill me again.

Lord Strong: Oh, what about THIS?!

Lord Strong pulls his arm out with Sepulchures "heart", he holds it in one hand, and turns the other hand into a dagger of light.

Sepulchure: You're bluffing.

Lord Strong brings his light-weapon-hand closer to Sepulchures "heart".

Sepulchure: You wouldn't.

Lord Strong has the point touch the "heart".

Sepulchure: I....I surrender....

Lord Strong: Don't think I'm letting you off so easily...

Sepulchure: Fine, here is the Book of Ancient Necromancy, but even I couldn't comprehend its power.

Lord Strong: Thank good-bye....

Sepulchure: FINE, here is the Doom Knight armor in which I was supposed to give you too.....

Lord Strong: Is that all?

Sepulchure: And here is your Book of Doom Knights...

Lord Strong walked out.

This seems to have powers of Death this Book of Ancient Necromancy....I can....bring myself back to life, I can control the VOID!I guess I'll just start with something simple, I'll kill someone, thereby summoning him/her/it to me...

Lord Strong summons one of his shades.


Lord Strong puts the shade back to Lord Strongs kingdom in Lore.He then brings himself back to life.


Lord Strongs weapon is mainly seen in staff form, it is called The Staff of Eternal Darkness, when it is in dagger or blade form its called The Blade of Eternal Darkness, or The Dagger of eternal Darkness.Here are its skills AFTER 2/3s of its magics had been stolen.

  • Dark Blacksmith

This power is able to create dark weapons out of nothing, throwing daggers, staffs, polearms, firearms, etc.

  • Missile of Darkness

The missile of darkness is Lord Strongs normal attack, which can break all an undeads bones, throw a knight out of a castle, or if Lord Strong aims it at a certain angle, stab someone from large distance, and still kill them.Usually after he uses it on one, he resurrects that person into an undead.

  • Power Shield

The power shield is both defensive, and offensive.It is not a force field, or anything like that, it is rather a magic spell cast upon one.When someone tries an attack on that one, the attack is the one who feels the pain.

  • Death From Below

Death from below is a quick magic attack, used by only those with pure darkness within them.It can wipe out everyone, and everything within a large distance.

  • Power Drain

Power drain is one of Lord Strongs favored magic attack, he learned it in the Dark Realm, and it can drain the power of anyone.Whoever it is used on dies, and the power grows into the caster.Lord Strong has used it on enemies that couldn't be turned undead.This is one of the ways Lord Strong grow in power.

  • Dark Morph

Dark morph is very hard to do, and requires a powerful object to make it work.It can morph the caster, or the object into anything desired, Lord Strong lost most of that power when his staffs power was partly drained, now he can only morph the staff.

All of these spells can only be used by Lord Strong, using the Staff of Eternal Darkness.

The Staff of Eternal Darkness has a twin staff, except the twin staff is of light.Lord Strong knows that the twin staff is always of equal power of his own staff, and has been trying to get a hold of it for a while, with both staffs at hand, the wielder is of greater power than anyone, and anything.The twin staff is called: LightKnight, and legend speaks, that LightKnight can be found within the Castle of the Gods, which is impossible for anyone to go to.

Lord Strongs Known Profile

Name: Lord Strong

Creature: Shade

Alliance: Darkness-Shadow Empire (He is its Supreme Shadow Lord)

Known Locations: The Shadow Realm, and Lore.

Hobbies: Killing unfortunate people, and turning them into his undead minions.

Likes: Killing enemies, or anyone not siding with him.

DisLikes: Anyone against him, specifically the enemy (only other) shade ruler-Lord Xitra.

Lord Black Edit

Lord Black had been raised by the two best assassins in all of Lore, and when he was only 10 they had been killed off, from then on, his rage filled him with power any assassin would dream of having...

The Black-Assassin zips off the ceiling right next to his target.The target doesn't notice....until a dagger is held to his neck.

Black-Assassin: Hmmm, does the guy in this picture look familiar?He kinda reminds me of you...

Target: Heh, well nice try assassin, but I am always prepared for the likes of you....

Ten traitor-assassins walk into the room, they hold up a dagger in one hand, and a sword in the other.

Black-Assassin: Hey, weren't you at that party I went to the other day?Well, lets play pin the tail on the donkey then...

The Black-Assassin throws his one dagger, and it multiplies while flying at one of the assassins, each two daggers hit one assassin, and all drop dead in one second.

Black-Assassin: Anything else I should worry about?

Target: If you make one move towards me, I'll press this self destruct button, causing us to all die!

The Black-Assassin throws his spare dagger at the targets hand, forcing him to drop the button, then The Black-Assassin takes out his rope and whips it at the button, tangling it, then pulling it back to his hands.He unties the button, takes the rope, and ties the target up.He jumps out the window and uses his rocket pack to fly away, then he presses the button activating the bomb.

  • BOOM*

Wow, its a good thing I wasn't there!

At The Black-Assassins headquarters

Black-Assassin: One more down, one last to go....

Sepulchure the Doom Knight walks in.

Black-Assassin: I took down the traitor Sepulchure, where's my pay?


Black-Assassin: How much are you paying me again?


Black-Assassin: *Sighs* Who, and where is my next target?


Black-Assassin: Where might they be?


Black-Assassin: Whats that supposed to mean?!

The Black-Assassin is teleported to the home of avatars.

I think I know what he meant now...

????: You got any fours?

????: Nope.

????: You got any threes?

????: Nope.

The Black-Assassin sees the avatars....playing poker.He takes out his dagger and notices darkness was spreading on it like a disease, he throws it at the orb of light, next the the avatar of light, and the orb burns in what seems to be black fire.He takes out another...

Avatar of Darkness: We might be enemy elements, but if you try that, you'll put Lore into chaos.

Black-Assassin: I'll take my chances...

The Black-Assassin throws the dagger at the avatar of light, and the avatar burns in black fire.Purple substance appear, then disappear...

Avatar of Darkness: You have created chaos, now you shall pay dearly for your foolish actions...

The Black-Assassin watches an orb show King Alteon (good) Vs. Sepulchure (evil).He watches Drakath with a strange purple substance...the same thing as what he saw disappear.Then he sees Sepulchure die.

Black-Assassin: Great, now I'm not getting payed....

Avatar of Darkness: ....?You did all that for money?

Black-Assassin: Ten-billion gold to be exact.

Avatar of Darkness: For your abusive actions, King Alteon has become the avatar of light, and YOU, shall be forced to serve him and light.

Black-Assassin: And WHY would I EVER do it, even if forced?

Avatar of Darkness: Hmmm, maybe this'll help you...

The Black-Assassin watches the past on the orb, he sees his guardians, and Sepulchure.

[Start Past]


#1 Assassins: Wouldn't we be able to SEE ten billion gold if it was here?

Sepulchure takes out his weapon, and does one strike to the air, then the two assassin bodies split in half.

[End Past]

Black-Assassin: OMG...he was never going to pay me?!?!?

Avatar of Darkness: ...................Aren't you angry at darkness and Sepulchure cause they killed your guardians?

Black-Assassin: Not really.....but I'm mad at darkness cause Sepulchure was never going to PAY me...

Avatar of Darkness: Will you ally with good at least?

Black-Assassin: Yep.

Avatar of Darkness: Thats a start.....

Lord Black mainly uses his sword, called LightBringer as a weapon.In his past as an asssassin when he slayed a paladin target, he kept the paladins blade as a reward, when he changed to the side of light, he started using it against his enemies.Here are some of its skills.

  • Assassins Choice

This skill came mainly from Lord Blacks powers, it sends daggers of light shooting from the LightBringer.

  • Ulti-Heal

This skill does a powerful heal, so powerful that it completely heals the wielder, AND LightBringer, and un-heals the opponent!

  • Flaming Light

Flaming Light causes the opponent to quickly burn in flames of light.

  • Light Super Shield

The Light Super Shield shields from every element EXCEPT light.When it is used, light surrounds the wielder, causing any darkness that tries to break the shield to dissolve.

  • Summon LightFire

Summons the dragon LightFire, with 50% more power than normal.

  • Super Light Bombing

This skill causes a desired area to be filled with light, killing off any darkness, and keeping the area protected by light.

LightBringer like The Staff of Eternal Darkness has a twin, LightBringers twin weapon is DarkShadow.DarkShadow is an ancient dark weapon, which is in the hands of an unknown Doom Knight.Its location was said to be underground, near Lord Strong, and The shadow Empires enemy, The Empire of Shades.

Name: Lord Black

Creature: Human Assassin

Alliance: Light-King Alteon and his kingdom

Known Locations: Lore

Hobbies: He is payed money to assassinate those of darkness.

Likes: Helping King Alteon with enemies, specifically likes assassinating darkness wielders.

DisLikes: People who don't put up much of a fight, and Sepulchure.(He still hasn't been payed)

Lord Death Edit

In early age, Lord Death ruled a kingdom of light, and he was known as Prince Tobi...

One day he had went out of his whole kingdom, into the land known as the Forbidden Forest.He had not known of the evil that lurked there, and after he found and slayed a shade, he was ambushed by demons.He had been tied with ropes, and was taken to the river of the Forbidden Forest known as the Black River, they went in....1 minute underwater, then two, and before he knew it they swam him down the water for an hour!When they stopped, and entered a cave that seemed to not be underwater, Prince Tobi was placed on a table, then the demons tied Prince Tobi once more, except this time to a table, he was stuck.Prince Tobi was still partly blinded from the evil energy of the Black River, and he didn't know what he saw.One demon took out a spell book and mumbled words, then placed his...what seemed to b a hand on Prince Tobi's forehead.Prince Tobi's eye's turned a certain red, and his skin, black.

Demon Mage: Arise, Lord Death!

Lord Death: Where *takes a deep breath* am I?

Demon: You are at your true kingdom, the City of Demons!

Lord Death: Ummmm....*thinks*That is right, now untie me peasant!

Demon: At once m'lord.

Lord Death is untied.

Lord Death: This is my new beginning, so lets make it better....My loyal demon followers, prepare, tonight we burn the kingdom in which I used to rule!

  • Cheers are heard*

[Time passes, and Lord death becomes an adult] At the once named Forbidden Forest....

Lord Death watches a purple explosion in the sky, then a demon walks toward him....but he seems to also be purple.

Lord Death: Halt, what has happened to you?

Purple Demon: What will soon happen to you!

Lord Death is attacked by the purple demon, he fights back, and Lord Death becomes victorious.He notices a purple gem, and reaches for it.He holds it in his palm and it gets absorbed into his body.He screams, as he is charrupted.

Lord Death: Heh...Drakath sent me a gift, I ought to use it....

Lord Death turns the chaorrupted demon into a sword.

Lord Death: I call you...SHADOW OF CHAOS!

[Later in time]


Lord Death inverts it.

Lord Death: ARGHHH!

Lord Death throws it at the wall, and it breaks the wall.

Lord Death: I'm GENIUS!Now to test it on monsters....

He finds a demon walking, and blasts it with chaos energy from the blade.He then does it again with a different monster and that one explodes.

Lord Death: IT GROWS MORE POWERFUL WITH EVERY BLAST!I can rule all of Lore with this, maybe even Drakath himself!

And so it was, he killed every village, and all of his old kingdoms, his blade grew in power every time.

{Later in time at the marsh]

Lord Black: Halt!

Lord Death: Well well well, if it isn't The Black-Assassin.Here to kill me for money are you, well I'd like to see you try, I can easily destroy you in one blast with this power.

Lord Strong zips in front of Lord Death in shade form and knocks him over.

Lord Strong: Yeah, let see that with ME!

Lord Black and Lord Strong: NOW!

Lord Strongs army of shades comes out of the ground, then assassins fly in and join the battle, along with King Alteons knights.Then Lord Deaths army of chaos runs to join the battle.Lord Strong takes out his staff and shoots Lord Death with darkness, Lord Black gets some assassins to aim their daggers at Lord Death.Lord Death shields, and chaorrupts some shades, knight fly at Lord Death and they all fall dead.

Lord Strong: You don't need to do this Death.

Lord Death: Who says?

Lord Death uses chaos magic to invert Lord Strong, but there's nothing to invert so instead Lord Strong starts to disintegrate.


Lord Black throws his best dagger at Lord Death, and it multiplies to one hundred.Lord Death focuses his energy to destroy every shade, assassin, dagger, and knight fighting against him.Lord Black runs up to him and knocks Lord Death into the murky water below, and the blade drops from Lord Deaths grasp.Lord Black quickly grabs it, then when Lord Death quickly gets up, he kicks Lord Death straight in the face.

Lord Black: You gotta love those assassin skills, right?

Lord Black uses the Shadow of Chaos' magic to bring back Lord Strong (he didn't die, he just disappeared).Then Lord Strong stands next to Lord Black waiting for Lord Death to get up.

Lord Strong: We didn't come to kill you, we came to stop you.


Lord Death raises his hands, and inverting magic flies out, he aims for Lord Black, but Black quickly lifts the Shadow of Chaos.It weakens, as the soul attached dies out, and it becomes nothing more than a useless piece of metal.


Lord Strong sees Lord Death ultimately unleash his wrath.Shades disappear, knights drop dead, assassin daggers fly at the assassins, only Lord Death, Lord Strong, and Lord Black remain standing.Lord Strong looks to the ground and sees a dead paladin.

Lord Strong: Hey Black, heads up!

Lord Strong tosses a blade to Lord Black, and Black catches.

Lord Black: Lets hope this'll work.....SUMMON LIGHTFIRE!

A dragon of light appears, and it breaths light straight at Lord Death.Lord Death tries to invert the dragon but it flies too fast.Lord Death looks at the Shadow of Chaos, then summons it to him, and re-chaorrupts it, but it still doesn't work as it used to.He aims at Lord Black, and fires, but Lord Strong quickly finds a mirror and jumps in front of Lord Black holding it up.The inversion spell backfires and hits Lord Death, like Escherion the inversion spell only messes with his spells.Lord Death notices it before trying anything else.

Lord Death: I have bested me...

Lord Strong walks over, grabs a dagger, and holds it at Deaths neck.

Lord Strong: You have three choices...Die.

Lord Black: Go to King Alteons prison.

Lord Strong: Or join us.

Lord Death looks around thinking.

Lord Death: I guess...I'll have to......join you....

Name: Lord Death

Creature: Chaorrupted Lord

Alliance: Chaos-Lord Drakath and all his followers

Known Locations: Lore, and the Realm of Chaos

Hobbies: He normally chaorrupts everything he sees.

Likes: Killing adventurers

DisLikes: Evil, light, and balance.

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