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Though there are many uniforms depending on whom you serve, we have been able to put together the uniforms for the whole clan, and for the three main leaders.(Lord Strong, Lord Death, and Lord Black)

Uniforms of The Shadow Empire Edit

Main Uniform-Dark Cleric (Armor), Black Star Caster Staff (Weapon), BoneHead (Helmet), and no cape

The Shade Army Uniform-Dark Crusader (Armor), Dark Crystal ClayMore (Weapon), Healers Cowl (Outside should match the armor, inside the hood completely black)(Helmet), and Red Cape (Cape)

More uniforms for this category coming soon!

Uniforms of the Fallen Inquisitors Edit

Main Uniform-Hashashin Armor (Armor), Hawkarang (Weapon), Hood of Shadows (Colored black) (Helmet), and Ghost Cape (Cape)

The Crimson Guard Uniform-SwordHaven Adept (Armor), Platinum Mace (Weapon), Mages Hood (Colored red) (Helmet), and Royal Guard Cape (Cape)

Uniforms of the Chaotic Brotherhood Edit

Main Uniform-Anything chaotic or purple (Armor), 1st Lord of Chaos Staff (Weapon), 1st Lord of Chaos Hood (Helmet), and a choice of no cape, or any cape involving chaos or that has purple on it

Drakaths Defending Chaos Army Uniform-Again, anything with purple, or chaos involved (Armor), Chaos DragonLord Mace (Weapon), Chaos DragonLord Helm (Helmet), and no cape

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